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KEvent {.importc: "struct kevent", header: """#include <sys/types.h>
                       #include <sys/event.h>
                       #include <sys/time.h>""",
         pure, final.} = object
  ident*: uint               ## identifier for this event  (uintptr_t)
  filter*: cshort            ## filter for event
  flags*: cushort            ## general flags
  fflags*: cuint             ## filter-specific flags
  data*: int                 ## filter-specific data  (intptr_t)
  udata*: pointer            ## opaque user data identifier
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EV_ADD = 0x00000001
Add event to queue (implies enable). Re-adding an existing element modifies it.   Source   Edit
EV_CLEAR = 0x00000020
Clear event state after reporting.   Source   Edit
EV_DELETE = 0x00000002
Delete event from queue.   Source   Edit
EV_DISABLE = 0x00000008
Disable event (not reported).   Source   Edit
EV_DISPATCH = 0x00000080
Disable event after reporting.   Source   Edit
EV_DROP = 0x00001000
Not should be dropped   Source   Edit
EV_ENABLE = 0x00000004
Enable event.   Source   Edit
EV_EOF = 0x00008000
EOF detected   Source   Edit
EV_ERROR = 0x00004000
Error, data contains errno   Source   Edit
EV_FLAG1 = 0x00002000
Filter-specific flag   Source   Edit
EV_NODATA = 0x00001000
EOF and no more data   Source   Edit
EV_ONESHOT = 0x00000010
Only report one occurrence.   Source   Edit
EV_RECEIPT = 0x00000040
Force EV_ERROR on success, data == 0   Source   Edit
EV_SYSFLAGS = 0x0000F000
Reserved by system   Source   Edit
NOTE_ATTRIB = 0x00000008
attributes changed   Source   Edit
NOTE_CHILD = 0x00000004'u32
am a child process   Source   Edit
NOTE_DELETE = 0x00000001
vnode was removed   Source   Edit
NOTE_EXEC = 0x20000000'u32
process exec'd   Source   Edit
NOTE_EXIT = 0x80000000'u32
process exited   Source   Edit
NOTE_EXTEND = 0x00000004
size increased   Source   Edit
NOTE_FORK = 0x40000000'u32
process forked   Source   Edit
NOTE_LOWAT = 0x00000001
low water mark   Source   Edit
NOTE_MSECONDS = 0x00000000'u32
  Source   Edit
NOTE_PCTRLMASK = 0xF0000000'u32
mask for hint bits   Source   Edit
mask for pid   Source   Edit
NOTE_RENAME = 0x00000020
vnode was renamed   Source   Edit
NOTE_REVOKE = 0x00000040
vnode access was revoked   Source   Edit
NOTE_TRACK = 0x00000001'u32
follow across forks   Source   Edit
NOTE_TRACKERR = 0x00000002'u32
could not track child   Source   Edit
NOTE_WRITE = 0x00000002
data contents changed   Source   Edit


proc EV_SET(event: ptr KEvent; ident: uint; filter: cshort; flags: cushort;
            fflags: cuint; data: int; udata: pointer) {.importc: "EV_SET",
    header: "<sys/event.h>", ...raises: [], tags: [].}
Fills event with given data.   Source   Edit
proc kevent(kqFD: cint; changelist: ptr KEvent; nchanges: cint;
            eventlist: ptr KEvent; nevents: cint; timeout: ptr Timespec): cint {.
    importc: "kevent", header: "<sys/event.h>", ...raises: [], tags: [].}
Manipulates queue for given kqFD descriptor.   Source   Edit
proc kqueue(): cint {.importc: "kqueue", header: "<sys/event.h>", ...raises: [],
                      tags: [].}
Creates new queue and returns its descriptor.   Source   Edit