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This module implements the basics for Linux distribution ("distro") detection and the OS's native package manager. Its primary purpose is to produce output for Nimble packages, like:

To complete the installation, run:

sudo apt-get install libblas-dev
sudo apt-get install libvoodoo

The above output could be the result of a code snippet like:

if detectOs(Ubuntu):
  foreignDep "lbiblas-dev"
  foreignDep "libvoodoo"

See packaging for hints on distributing Nim using OS packages.


Distribution {.pure.} = enum
  Windows,                  ## some version of Windows
  Posix,                    ## some POSIX system
  MacOSX,                   ## some version of OSX
  Linux,                    ## some version of Linux
  Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, RedHat, OpenSUSE, Manjaro, Elementary, Zorin,
  CentOS, Deepin, ArchLinux, Artix, Antergos, PCLinuxOS, Mageia, LXLE, Solus,
  Lite, Slackware, Androidx86, Puppy, Peppermint, Tails, AntiX, Kali,
  SparkyLinux, Apricity, BlackLab, Bodhi, TrueOS, ArchBang, KaOS, WattOS,
  Korora, Simplicity, RemixOS, OpenMandriva, Netrunner, Alpine, BlackArch,
  Ultimate, Gecko, Parrot, KNOPPIX, GhostBSD, Sabayon, Salix, Q4OS, ClearOS,
  Container, ROSA, Zenwalk, Parabola, ChaletOS, BackBox, MXLinux, Vector, Maui,
  Qubes, RancherOS, Oracle, TinyCore, Robolinux, Trisquel, Voyager, Clonezilla,
  SteamOS, Absolute, NixOS, ## NixOS or a Nix build environment
  AUSTRUMI, Arya, Porteus, AVLinux, Elive, Bluestar, SliTaz, Solaris, Chakra,
  Wifislax, Scientific, ExTiX, Rockstor, GoboLinux, Void, BSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD,
  DragonFlyBSD, Haiku
the list of known distributions   Source   Edit


foreignDeps: seq[string] = @[]
Registered foreign deps.   Source   Edit


LacksDevPackages = {Distribution.Gentoo, Distribution.Slackware,
                    Distribution.ArchLinux, Distribution.Artix,
                    Distribution.Antergos, Distribution.BlackArch,
  Source   Edit


proc echoForeignDeps() {....raises: [], tags: [].}
Writes the list of registered foreign deps to stdout.   Source   Edit
proc foreignCmd(cmd: string; requiresSudo = false) {....raises: [], tags: [].}
Registers a foreign command to the internal list of commands that can be queried later.   Source   Edit
proc foreignDep(foreignPackageName: string) {.
    ...raises: [Exception, IOError, OSError],
    tags: [ExecIOEffect, ReadIOEffect, RootEffect, ReadEnvEffect].}
Registers foreignPackageName to the internal list of foreign deps. It is your job to ensure that the package name is correct.   Source   Edit
proc foreignDepInstallCmd(foreignPackageName: string): (string, bool) {.
    ...raises: [Exception, IOError, OSError],
    tags: [ExecIOEffect, ReadIOEffect, RootEffect, ReadEnvEffect].}
Returns the distro's native command to install foreignPackageName and whether it requires root/admin rights.   Source   Edit


template detectOs(d: untyped): bool
Distro/OS detection. For convenience, the required Distribution. qualifier is added to the enum value.   Source   Edit