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This module contains the type definitions for the new evaluation engine. An instruction is 1-3 int32s in memory, it is a register based VM.


PCtx = ref TCtx
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PProc = ref object
  blocks*: seq[TBlock]
  sym*: PSym
  regInfo*: seq[tuple[inUse: bool, kind: TSlotKind]]
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Profiler = object
  tEnter*: float
  tos*: PStackFrame
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TBlock = object
  label*: PSym
  fixups*: seq[TPosition]
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TCtx = object of TPassContext
  code*: seq[TInstr]
  debug*: seq[TLineInfo]
  globals*: PNode
  constants*: PNode
  types*: seq[PType]
  currentExceptionA*, currentExceptionB*: PNode
  exceptionInstr*: int
  prc*: PProc
  module*: PSym
  callsite*: PNode
  mode*: TEvalMode
  features*: TSandboxFlags
  traceActive*: bool
  loopIterations*: int
  comesFromHeuristic*: TLineInfo
  callbacks*: seq[tuple[key: string, value: VmCallback]]
  errorFlag*: string
  cache*: IdentCache
  config*: ConfigRef
  graph*: ModuleGraph
  oldErrorCount*: int
  profiler*: Profiler
  templInstCounter*: ref int
  vmstateDiff*: seq[(PSym, PNode)]
  procToCodePos*: Table[int, int]
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TDest = range[-1 .. 65535']
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TEvalMode = enum
  emRepl,                   ## evaluate because in REPL mode
  emConst,                  ## evaluate for 'const' according to spec
  emOptimize,               ## evaluate for optimization purposes (same as
                             ## emConst?)
  emStaticExpr,             ## evaluate for enforced compile time eval
                             ## ('static' context)
  emStaticStmt               ## 'static' as an expression
reason for evaluation   Source   Edit
TFullReg = object
  case kind*: TRegisterKind
  of rkNone:
  of rkInt:
    intVal*: BiggestInt
  of rkFloat:
    floatVal*: BiggestFloat
  of rkNode:
    node*: PNode
  of rkRegisterAddr:
    regAddr*: ptr TFullReg
  of rkNodeAddr:
    nodeAddr*: ptr PNode
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TInstr = distinct TInstrType
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TInstrType = uint64
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TOpcode = enum
  opcEof, opcRet, opcYldYoid, opcYldVal, opcAsgnInt, opcAsgnFloat, opcAsgnRef,
  opcAsgnComplex, opcCastIntToFloat32, opcCastIntToFloat64, opcCastFloatToInt32,
  opcCastFloatToInt64, opcCastPtrToInt, opcCastIntToPtr, opcFastAsgnComplex,
  opcNodeToReg, opcLdArr, opcLdArrAddr, opcWrArr, opcLdObj, opcLdObjAddr,
  opcWrObj, opcAddrReg, opcAddrNode, opcLdDeref, opcWrDeref, opcWrStrIdx,
  opcLdStrIdx, opcLdStrIdxAddr, opcAddInt, opcAddImmInt, opcSubInt,
  opcSubImmInt, opcLenSeq, opcLenStr, opcLenCstring, opcIncl, opcInclRange,
  opcExcl, opcCard, opcMulInt, opcDivInt, opcModInt, opcAddFloat, opcSubFloat,
  opcMulFloat, opcDivFloat, opcShrInt, opcShlInt, opcAshrInt, opcBitandInt,
  opcBitorInt, opcBitxorInt, opcAddu, opcSubu, opcMulu, opcDivu, opcModu,
  opcEqInt, opcLeInt, opcLtInt, opcEqFloat, opcLeFloat, opcLtFloat, opcLeu,
  opcLtu, opcEqRef, opcEqNimNode, opcSameNodeType, opcXor, opcNot,
  opcUnaryMinusInt, opcUnaryMinusFloat, opcBitnotInt, opcEqStr, opcLeStr,
  opcLtStr, opcEqSet, opcLeSet, opcLtSet, opcMulSet, opcPlusSet, opcMinusSet,
  opcConcatStr, opcContainsSet, opcRepr, opcSetLenStr, opcSetLenSeq, opcIsNil,
  opcOf, opcIs, opcSubStr, opcParseFloat, opcConv, opcCast, opcQuit,
  opcInvalidField, opcNarrowS, opcNarrowU, opcSignExtend, opcAddStrCh,
  opcAddStrStr, opcAddSeqElem, opcRangeChck, opcNAdd, opcNAddMultiple, opcNKind,
  opcNSymKind, opcNIntVal, opcNFloatVal, opcNSymbol, opcNIdent, opcNGetType,
  opcNStrVal, opcNSigHash, opcNGetSize, opcNSetIntVal, opcNSetFloatVal,
  opcNSetSymbol, opcNSetIdent, opcNSetType, opcNSetStrVal, opcNNewNimNode,
  opcNCopyNimNode, opcNCopyNimTree, opcNDel, opcGenSym, opcNccValue, opcNccInc,
  opcNcsAdd, opcNcsIncl, opcNcsLen, opcNcsAt, opcNctPut, opcNctLen, opcNctGet,
  opcNctHasNext, opcNctNext, opcNodeId, opcSlurp, opcGorge, opcParseExprToAst,
  opcParseStmtToAst, opcQueryErrorFlag, opcNError, opcNWarning, opcNHint,
  opcNGetLineInfo, opcNSetLineInfo, opcEqIdent, opcStrToIdent, opcGetImpl,
  opcGetImplTransf, opcEcho, opcIndCall, opcIndCallAsgn, opcRaise, opcNChild,
  opcNSetChild, opcCallSite, opcNewStr, opcTJmp, opcFJmp, opcJmp, opcJmpBack,
  opcBranch, opcTry, opcExcept, opcFinally, opcFinallyEnd, opcNew, opcNewSeq,
  opcLdNull, opcLdNullReg, opcLdConst, opcAsgnConst, opcLdGlobal,
  opcLdGlobalAddr, opcLdGlobalDerefFFI, opcLdGlobalAddrDerefFFI, opcLdImmInt,
  opcNBindSym, opcNDynBindSym, opcSetType, opcTypeTrait, opcMarshalLoad,
  opcMarshalStore, opcSymOwner, opcSymIsInstantiationOf
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TPosition = distinct int
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TRegister = range[0 .. 65535']
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TRegisterKind = enum
  rkNone, rkNode, rkInt, rkFloat, rkRegisterAddr, rkNodeAddr
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TSandboxFlag = enum
  allowCast,                ## allow unsafe language feature: 'cast'
  allowInfiniteLoops         ## allow endless loops
what the evaluation engine should allow   Source   Edit
TSlotKind = enum
  slotEmpty, slotFixedVar, slotFixedLet, slotTempUnknown, slotTempInt,
  slotTempFloat, slotTempStr, slotTempComplex, slotTempPerm
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TStackFrame {.acyclic.} = object
  prc*: PSym
  slots*: seq[TFullReg]
  next*: PStackFrame
  comesFrom*: int
  safePoints*: seq[int]
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VmArgs = object
  ra*, rb*, rc*: Natural
  slots*: ptr UncheckedArray[TFullReg]
  currentException*: PNode
  currentLineInfo*: TLineInfo
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VmCallback = proc (args: VmArgs) {.closure.}
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byteExcess = 128
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firstABxInstr = opcTJmp
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largeInstrs = {opcSubStr, opcConv, opcCast, opcNewSeq, opcOf, opcMarshalLoad,
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nimNodeFlag = 16
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regAMask = 65535'u64
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regAShift = 8'u64
  Source   Edit
regBMask = 65535'u64
  Source   Edit
regBShift = 24'u64
  Source   Edit
regBxMask = 16777215'u64
  Source   Edit
regBxMax = 8388607
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regBxMin = -8388607
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regBxShift = 24'u64
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regCMask = 65535'u64
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regCShift = 40'u64
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regOMask = 255'u64
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regOShift = 0'u
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relativeJumps = {opcTJmp, opcFJmp, opcJmp, opcJmpBack}
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slotSomeTemp = slotTempUnknown
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wordExcess = 8388608
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proc newCtx(module: PSym; cache: IdentCache; g: ModuleGraph; idgen: IdGenerator): PCtx {.
    ...raises: [], tags: [].}
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proc refresh(c: PCtx; module: PSym; idgen: IdGenerator) {....raises: [], tags: [].}
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proc registerCallback(c: PCtx; name: string; callback: VmCallback): int {.
    discardable, ...raises: [], tags: [].}
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template jmpDiff(x: TInstr): int
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template opcode(x: TInstr): TOpcode
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template regA(x: TInstr): TRegister
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template regB(x: TInstr): TRegister
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template regBx(x: TInstr): int
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template regC(x: TInstr): TRegister
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