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This module contains the data structures for the C code generation phase.


BModule = ref TCGen
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BModuleList = ref object of RootObj
  mainModProcs*, mainModInit*, otherModsInit*, mainDatInit*: Rope
  mapping*: Rope
  modules*: seq[BModule]
  modulesClosed*: seq[BModule]
  forwardedProcs*: seq[PSym]
  generatedHeader*: BModule
  typeInfoMarker*: TypeCacheWithOwner
  typeInfoMarkerV2*: TypeCacheWithOwner
  config*: ConfigRef
  graph*: ModuleGraph
  strVersion*, seqVersion*: int
  nimtv*: Rope
  nimtvDeps*: seq[PType]
  nimtvDeclared*: IntSet
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BProc = ref TCProc
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CodegenFlag = enum
  preventStackTrace, usesThreadVars, frameDeclared, isHeaderFile,
  includesStringh, objHasKidsValid, useAliveDataFromDce
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TBlock = object
  id*: int
  label*: Rope
  sections*: TCProcSections
  isLoop*: bool
  nestedTryStmts*: int16
  nestedExceptStmts*: int16
  frameLen*: int16
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TCFileSection = enum
  cfsMergeInfo, cfsHeaders, cfsFrameDefines, cfsForwardTypes, cfsTypes,
  cfsSeqTypes, cfsFieldInfo, cfsTypeInfo, cfsProcHeaders, cfsData, cfsVars,
  cfsProcs, cfsInitProc, cfsDatInitProc, cfsTypeInit1, cfsTypeInit2,
  cfsTypeInit3, cfsDebugInit, cfsDynLibInit, cfsDynLibDeinit
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TCFileSections = array[TCFileSection, Rope]
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TCProcFlag = enum
  beforeRetNeeded, threadVarAccessed, hasCurFramePointer, noSafePoints,
  nimErrorFlagAccessed, nimErrorFlagDeclared, nimErrorFlagDisabled
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TCProcSection = enum
  cpsLocals, cpsInit, cpsStmts
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TCProcSections = array[TCProcSection, Rope]
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TCTypeKind = enum
  ctVoid, ctChar, ctBool, ctInt, ctInt8, ctInt16, ctInt32, ctInt64, ctFloat,
  ctFloat32, ctFloat64, ctFloat128, ctUInt, ctUInt8, ctUInt16, ctUInt32,
  ctUInt64, ctArray, ctPtrToArray, ctStruct, ctPtr, ctNimStr, ctNimSeq, ctProc,
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TLabel = Rope
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TTypeSeq = seq[PType]
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TypeCache = Table[SigHash, Rope]
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TypeCacheWithOwner = Table[SigHash, tuple[str: Rope, owner: int32]]
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proc includeHeader(this: BModule; header: string) {....raises: [], tags: [].}
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proc newModuleList(g: ModuleGraph): BModuleList {....raises: [], tags: [].}
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proc newProc(prc: PSym; module: BModule): BProc {....raises: [], tags: [].}
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proc procSec(p: BProc; s: TCProcSection): var Rope {.inline, ...raises: [],
    tags: [].}
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proc s(p: BProc; s: TCProcSection): var Rope {.inline, ...raises: [], tags: [].}
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iterator cgenModules(g: BModuleList): BModule {....raises: [], tags: [].}
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template config(m: BModule): ConfigRef
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template config(p: BProc): ConfigRef
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